Travel and Fashion

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“When Fashion Takes a Sacred Seat,” Essence Magazine

“Some part of me cherished the idea that fashion had a place in the heavenly economy and that God admired a pretty new dress as much as any mere mortal….”

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“A Month in Paris Chasing Flowers and Food,” Okay Africa

“Crossing boundaries is practically in my bloodline. Traveling, whether within my home country of Nigeria or across oceans internationally, reminds me that there are so many equally valid perspectives on how to see and understand the world. So often we imagine that the cultural attitudes where we live are the primary ways of engaging life. Yet it is always an invaluable experience to travel away from the familiar and to see the world through the lens of other people’s customs and traditions….”

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“A Girlfriend’s Guide to 12 Hours in Accra, Ghana,” Essence Magazine

“The more airplane rides I took across oceans, I began to notice how much I appreciated the little city guides I found in-flight magazines. I would pull out my iPhone and jot names of the listed “must-see” cafes and boutiques in European cities. But the more I traveled the more I realized how rare it was to find these little urban snippets for African cities as if the only thing African countries had to offer were visits to tribal villages, rustic game park lodgings or sobering pilgrimages to historical sites….”