Your Name Is A Blessing to Stand On”, Catapult

“What we didn’t know was that we came from a culture in which the act of naming was a powerful ritual, one meant to overwhelm—to claim for a child an identity large enough for them to grow into. We didn’t know that where we came from, we named like praying….” (“Your Name is a Blessing to Stand On, Catapult)

This Is Your Morning,AEON

“‘Oyibo.’ It means ‘white man’. I read somewhere once it means ‘no skin’. When I first came back to the country months ago, it was harder, this being called foreigner, this being called white. It does not matter that I have come back. In his eyes, I am different. I am American. I might as well have no skin….” (“This Is Your Morning,” AEON)

A Return,” The New York Times

“I started to imagine what it would be like to live in a place where you did not have to explain some aspect of your identity on a daily basis, where you did not have to offer people a reason, no matter how subtle, for why you were among them.” (“A Return,” The New York Times)