(Photo by Marco Giugliarelli)

Watch Enuma’s TEDx Talk on Global Women and the Invitation of Cultural Collisions.


“We need to reclaim the power of shaping our own narratives. What it means to be African should be determined by African countries themselves and by each new generation of Africans on the continent and in the diaspora.”


Enuma Okoro was raised in four countries on three continents. It is no surprise that her work focuses increasingly on issues of culture and identity. In this interview she talks about her fascination with cultures and how people form a sense of identity, her belief that story is at the center of everything, and her passion and calling as a writer and storyteller


“Enuma Okoro explores how people of differing cultures can be at home within a diverse society. She queries the perception of iconic women around the world and proffers that ‘stereotypes come from a modicum of truth but never give us the full answer.”